Sunday, April 28, 2019

VAGINITIS Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

VAGINITIS - Assignment ExampleHowever, the absolute majority of the people do not develop the symptoms of the condition. Moreover, the infection is most likely to be found in women as compared to men. At the same time, older women are most likely to be infected as compared to younger women (CDC, 2015). The infection occurs through sex. In women, the infection occurs in the lower genital tract spot in men infection occurs in the urethra (CDC, 2015). Infection is not likely to occur in different body parts. There are various symptoms of the infirmity in men and women, but various factors much(prenominal) as age influence presentation of symptoms. The paper will discuss the presentation, characteristics, and a treatment excogitate for Trichomonas diagnoses of vaginitis. There will also be a review of diagnostic tests before the treatment object as well as educating patient taking into consideration the health disparities that may affect treatment.The disease presents with various signs and symptoms in men and women. The challenge is that the majority of infected men and women will show no signs and symptoms. The signs are usually evident in four weeks after coming in contact with the poriferan (Family Planning Association (FPA), 2015). There are various signs or symptoms in women. The first thing to honour in women is soreness, swelling, and itching in areas around the vagina (FPA, 2015). This has significantly been associated with challenges that occur when one is having sex. Secondly, there is a spay in the discharge coming out of the vagina. One may have increased discharge that has an vitriolic smell and may be thick or thin will some yellow colour (FPA, 2015). The condition is also associated with pain when urinating in women. In men, there is discharge from the penis and may be thin and whitish (FPA, 2015). At the same time, the affected person may experience pain while passing out urine. The other sign although not extensive in men is swelling

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