Saturday, April 27, 2019

Pick a company (Thorntons) of your choice answer two question Essay

Pick a company (Thorntons) of your choice swear out two question - Essay ExampleWhile it was previously characterized as a luxury brand, it is right away loosing the perception given the recent economic conditions and the increasingly saturated market. Thorntons has thus failed to develop an edge everyplace the competition despite being a well known brand.Thorntons has been badly affected by the recent financial downturn. This is because of the increasing price of the raw materials that impacts the price of the already expensive product. Also the consumers argon left with low purchasing power given the recent recession. This is probably one reason understructure the decrease in sales. The company is also impacted by change in consumer perception regarding abrasion products including chocolate. With the increase in health and diet conscious public, Thorntons is negatively impacted, especially because Thorntons most important customers, which as women, are changing their attitude towards buying chocolate. Even under all this negative turn of events, Thorntons whitethorn still be able to succeed given its perception in the minds of the customers as a pension chocolate brand (Clark). Also the UK confectionary market provides a pleasant picture for chocolate makers since it is a emergence market with the highest market share taken by chocolate products (Datamonitor, 15)The competition for Thorntons has also increased as chocolates such as Hotel Chocolat and Lindt take on a more aggressive stance. Thorntons, with the increase in competition, did non manage to improve upon its products. Thorntons failed to innovate with more brands and different taste (Richardson).In the recent years, Thorntons has decided to hold out to selling its more commercial products in super-markets (Thorntons PLC, 2). Even though Thorntons has its own retail shop, it has moved on to sell in supermarkets where customers are given a choice of different chocolates. Given that Thorntons is a

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