Friday, November 1, 2019

Common History of oppression of people of African descent and Research Paper

Common History of oppression of people of African descent and indigenous peoples in the United States and South Africa - Research Paper Example Black South Africans faced much discrimination against them during the colonial period whose effects can be felt to this day. The period of apartheid was characterized by the racial segregation of the majority Africans by the government. The apartheid period lasted for forty-six years (1948-1994) and during this time, many sufferings were incurred on the part of the majority African inhabitants. This research paper will primarily look at the crimes and violations committed, harms caused to the majority south Africans, the setbacks that can still be felt, the losses suffered and finally clearly lay out the reasons why the black Africans in south Africa should be compensated. Apartheid simply meant separation. It was more concern with putting apart the white and the black inhabitants. It can be seen that the separation had always existed in South Africa. This is evident in the 1913 Land Act, which suggested the separation of living areas for both whites and blacks (Lötter 21). The black inhabitants were forced to move to reserves while the whites were left to dominate and control all the available resources. In 1948, apartheid intensified after the white dominated Afrikaner National Party (ANP) won the elections.The goal of this separation was not only to separate Africans from the whites but also to separate Africans from one another by dividing them within their ethnic lines so that they could their political power. The inhabitants were separated into four groups, the majority blacks, whites, the colored people and Indians. The colored were a mixed race, which sometimes saw families being separated as parents could be classified as white while chil dren were seen as non-whites, therefore, alienated. 80% of the land was given to the whites while the other majority races only occupied the remaining 20% (Lötter 14). To further emphasize on separation, the government made sure that the whites had separate and better public facilities apart from

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