Thursday, September 12, 2019

Your an army commander. what three areas would would determin if Essay

Your an army commander. what three areas would would determin if soldiers are worthy of reinlistment. of those three areas what would the standard be for all three - Essay Example These include the following: Soldiers must meet the army standard of physical fitness, which is a minimum of 180 and a maximum of 300. Being in the army requires one to be capable of handling the physical rigors that accompany that lone of work (Hamilton 31). I would place great emphasis on physical fitness because for one to â€Å"survive† in the army it is highly recommended that they possess the capability to keep up with conditions and remain agile and mobile throughout. If someone is not fit he/she should not be in the army. There is no definite standard when it comes to career advancement, provided one is willing and ready to learn new things. For me however, I would not consider anybody without a diploma for a position in the army. Nowadays, being a soldier is not enough. Soldiers are usually encouraged to start and build other careers through which they can grow personally and professionally. This is why in most armies there are soldiers who also serve as doctors, nurses, engineers and professional and important roles. It is not enough for one to be able to load a gun and shoot, or fight and kill. Intelligence must be demonstrated, and an ability to think logically and make decisions may save a lot of lives (Hamilton 35). If anybody wants to join the army he/she should be clear thinking and reasonable. As a commander, I would feel honored to have soldiers who are both intelligent and disciplined serving under me. As a result of this, I would not think twice about enlisting a young person who has a ye arning for knowledge and combat. This, too, has no definite standard, but potential recruits must demonstrate confidence in whatever they do. For example, it is important to remain calm, level-headed and reasonable when confronted with difficult situations. This calls for coming up with the best and most logical decisions when they

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