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Epigraph was ironically taken from a diet book by Deborah Waterholes which explains the chocolate is a requirement for women! Lexical (word choice) Throughout the text, the author has used a large selection of sensory words which has been used for effect to describe the food. Examples of these sensory words would be words such as â€Å"Mouth-watering' and â€Å"Cinnamon- flavored†. It has been done to create a more effective Genre response from the reader and also to make the simple foods it speaks about seem more luxurious.By using verbs such as â€Å"divine† is creates a more luxurious atmosphere around it and makes it seem much more opulent. The use of the word Glory is very efficacious as it is repeated in the title to make it seem like the chocolate which is being spoken about is so glorious. Which then follows n to the oxymoron in the title Naughty But Nice. Presentational The presentational features all makes it looks like a longer poem then it is because of how spread out it is. It usually has three lines in each stanza which means that it is short.In the first consentingly Glory Be to Chocolate, the words have been printed in italics to symbolism the difference in the poem. Link In the exam I would link text 6 to text 5 because they both discuss in depth the exploration of cross culture and the experiences that could be shared. In text 6 it suggests that he wants his audience to feel as appreciative towards coco beans the way he does as view they re importance just the same. Likewise, in text 5, James Berry is exploring the way in which the Caribbean culture has adapted into the life into London.Attitudes and values The attitudes in this piece towards food are really positive as they think very highly of this food. It is very positive towards not only chocolate but it strongly supports the idea of cross culture and the love of luxurious food. It thinks that people should value food in w way which most people over look, meaning that more people are taking food for granted. Contextual detail This is an extract from the English â€Å"Food Hygiene Regulation 2006† which was put into place to solidify the safety and all laws for all business operators and suppliers e. . Shops, restaurants and etc. In England. These notices were put into place for all establishments to abide by to ensure the safety and protection for all those who use the services. It is the job of the Government to guarantee the safety of the people who are using the services it provides. Extract from Food Hygiene (England Regulations) 2006 This text is an extract from regulations that are set by the government to ensure the requirements are met by all establishments to achieve safety specifically for food.Audience Every company of business who provides a service that sells food egg restaurant, shop, school. This also applies to people who have to enforce these rules upon these types of places. Purpose The point of this text is to have an underst anding of all food being safe for all consumers. It is to inform the audience Of the regulations that the text is enforcing. It is to ensure that all establishments that supply any sort of food or beverage are safe and good enough for consumption. They are to guide ND lead companies into the correct manor and leadership.Because of the nature of text 15, it has many small sections which are labeled by subtitles and then divided by numbers and further subdivided by letters. Each of letters has its own topic and that is why it is separated and labeled. Likewise it has been done this way to make it seem a lot easier to read. Each one of the paragraphs is very short and they all flow from one to the other. It has been laid out this way so that it is easy for the audience to read. It makes it clear and it also makes it visually simple. Additionally, there re that many subjects that it is required for there to be so many paragraphs.

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