Sunday, June 2, 2019

Violence in the media Essay -- essays research papers

Through the past few years you have hear people reading that TV, music, and videogames be leading to the increase in violence among teens and the society. There are so manydifferent opinions on the subject, and no real answers. I have an opinion that not everyonewould agree with, but when people hear what I have to say they can see where I am comingfrom.Through the last five to ten years there have been many reports of school shootings. Everyone immediately turns to the violence in the media. They say that it was the rock music orthe violent TV shows. No one stops to look behind the scenes at the family life. The kids thatwere the ones that commit these crimes, were unpopular and were made delight of on a dailybases. The question that people need to be asking is what made them be the outcast. Most ofthese teens have parents that work outside the home, and are never there. They are not there tomonitor what these kids are watching. They are not taught what is right and what is wron g. They watch violent TV and listen to the cuss wrangle that are being said, and no one is telling thatit is not the right for them to act that way, and that it is not expectable. I am not saying thatviolence comes from the media, what I am saying, is that it comes from the lack of parenting.In my experience growing up, I do have to admit that I did watch the violent shows andlisten to what we call i...

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