Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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Decisions about who Is considered needy and how they are to be helped are dependent on our economic development, political views, and are often dependent on government resources (Stern & Axial, 2012). In look, primary data sources are beneficial when assisting the scholar to completely understand every panorama of a topic as It relates to the topic of discussion or a body of work. As it pertains to sociable public assistance, it is vital to build a foundation which encompasses past, present and future happenings that will impact the body of work.While doing research web-sites about primary documents as it relates social eudaimonia policy, the following site seemed useful http//www. Ass. Gob/ bill/PDF/heisted. PDF. The Historical phylogenesis document discusses the history of the U. S. tender Welfare structure. There is also an interactive timeline provided for the Social Security Acts and the Development of U. S. Social Security Programs. One is provided a sequential view of the progression of the Development of U. S.Social Security Programs, such as unemployment, cosmos Assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families In 1 996 TAN), Public Housing, National School Lunch Program and the Food Stamp Program, amongst many more programs. This tool has provided this learner an insight to the key historical, political and social events that have impacted our country. As The united States approached the sasss, the Great mental picture was upon us, which resulted in our government taking a greater role in helping the poor and the substantiation of the Social Security Act of 1935.As one continues to study the history of social welfare, we will began to gain a better understanding of what drives our programs as well as how we can contribute to their success. Reference Axial, J. , & Stern, M. (2012). Social welfare A history of the American response to need (8th deed. ). Boston, MA Allan and Bacon. Http//www. Ass. Gob/holster/PDF/ Halsted. PDF. Web-site Sear ch By Krishna reforms of today. Be sure to format your citation in proper PAP format in your The history of pitying Services is important for us to understand so we can grasp the goals of our current social welfare programs.

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