Friday, May 31, 2019

The War on Drugs Essay -- Essays Papers

The War on DrugsTo fully understand the significance and the seriousness of a War one essential first fully understand the reasons that caused it in the first place. In this specific case the solution begins with several important save seemingly simple questionsWhat is marijuana? How is it used? And why is it so coveted and widely distributed in Jamaica as well as the rest of the world? all told these questions help clarify the reasoning behind the war on drugs and further investigation shows how Jamaica ends up creation an important country in this puzzle as well. Lets begin with the first question, (What is marijuana), of course the dictionary definition is simply put,-a preparation of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, for use as an intoxicating hallucinogenic drug apply to a crude preparation of the dried leaves, flowering tops, and stem of the plant that is generally smoked. However, beyond this explanation is what is commonly known as weed, which is simply an substitut e to tobacco that results in sensational relaxed feeling that is described as high. This drugs origin can be traced back to ancient days when it was used as a healing supplement to cure several different medical conditions its been used as a drink as well as an eliminator of menstrual incommode and even more ironic marijuana has served as a religious connotation as well. However, the most commonly known habitude of marijuana (after its being outlawed in the 1930s) is as a drug and smoked or consumed by other means. Now that an understanding of the drug has been clarified one must look at the next important question, (Why is marijuana so coveted and distributed in Jamaica as well as the rest of the world?) Although marijuana usage and distribution is illegal ar... ...oes not effect the economy in a harmful way unless it is rendered illegal. This drug problem is much larger than Jamaica and should be handled as such. Work Cited/ Bibliography1.The Ganja Culture. Jamaica Gleaner 27 Jul. 2001 http//www.jamaica- 2.Jamaica Mulls Legalizing Marijuana. Las Vegas Sun 25 Aug. 1999 http//, Tony. Holy Smoke Legalize the weed, say church officials 6 Jul. 2000. http//, Hill and Tom Rosenstiel. The Elements of Journalism. New York trio Rivers Press, 2001.5.Williams, Lloyd. US$ ganja cutback. 13 Mar. 2000. http//www.jamaica-, Dawn. Marijuana bringing a new dawn. 5 Aug. 2001. http//

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