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Elderly Drivers Outline

remote Drivers Specific Purpose We want our audience to agree that the physically disab take patriarchal population need to take their test or prove that they can drive before truly discoverting behind the wheel of a car. Thesis Statement These elderly number one woods, who are physically disabled, should non be driving without retaking the test or doing something to prove they are still capable to drive. I. Elderly are terrible drivers. A. The elderly are an increasing race of bad drivers, because of their health. B.Those include medical conditions equivalent diabetes, having heart problems, having poor eyesight and being delusional. C. People with health venture or even something frank as just wearing glasses should renew their certify, and to stall should meet to take a minute series test as simple as an eye exam. D. Overall, people over the age of 70 should have to perform a simple test to renew their license. II. Problem According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the population of drivers 70 and senior is expected to increase from 27. 8 million in 2010 to 51. 7 million in 2030 and 67 million in 2050.The rapid increase in the older driver population has led to concerns about the potential effects on traffic safety associated with this trend. A. Based on data describe by states to the Federal Highway Administration, there were approximately 22. 3 million licensed drivers 70 and older in 2010. B. A NHTSA study of 1995 FARS (Fatal Accident Reporting System) data reports that senior citizens accounted for * 5% of all people injured in traffic crashes * 13% of all traffic fatalities * 13% of all vehicle house physician fatalities * 18% of all pedestrian fatalities C.If the elderly continue to drive as their health problems increase, they will non only be rearting their selves at risk, but the rest of the population as well. III. Criteria for Solution The radicals cannot be physically, mentally, or emotionally harmful to the driver. It has to be fair, affordable, and feasible. IV. Possible Solutions There are a number of solutions that could jockstrap prevent harm to drivers of old age. A. Re-test the people over the age of 70+ in every state. B. engender mid-year health check-ups on the elderly to check their capability to drive an automobile. C.On the license plate of an elderly driver, have an identifier on it to signify that it is an elderly driver. D. Make it mandatory to have a passenger with a license to ride in the car with them. E. Check for any diseases, and health risks that would put the driver at risk or being infract. F. Make sure the person knows the area they drive in. It has to be familiar to them. V. top hat Possible Solution Re-Test the elderly after a certain age. A. Maryland state law allows police, doctors, and residents including relatives to confer with potentially unfit drivers to the Motor Vehicle Administrations Medical Advisory Board.B. A 2004 Florida law requiring that older drivers pass a vision test before getting a license renewed has helped cut the ending rate among drivers 80 and older by 17%, according to researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. shutdown In conclusion, we believe people should have to retake a driving test and vision and auditory sense test every few years to prove they are still safe and capable drivers. ruminative Thinking Sequence 1. Elderly drivers cause younger drivers to have road rage and put their self-importance at risk. We can limit the problem by making drivers at the age of 70 retake the driving test. . The causes of the problem are the elderlys vision and hearing getting bad. As they get older, they face more problems. 3. The effects of the problem are people getting hurt or put into danger. The driver puts their self into danger and then gets hurt by other drivers or other drivers hurt them. 4. The criteria in which the solutions should be judged are Health checkups every few years, have another responsible drive r in the car with the elderly, and/or retake the driving test at the age of 70. 5. A potential solution is to have the driver retake the driving test at the age of 70.A strength would be better drivers on the road. A weakness is they may not want to retake the test. 6. The best solution is to make it mandatory for drivers at the age of 70 to retake the test. 7. We can put it into effect by making the retest a requirement at the age of 70. Its not illegal because some states already put this into effect. Citations Elderly Driving. Elderly Driving. N. p. , n. d. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. http//www. stritch. luc. edu/depts/injprev/Transprt/tran3. htm. Fatality Facts Elderly. Fatality Facts Elderly. Transsaftey Inc, n. d.Web. 29 Nov. 2012. http//www. usroads. com/journals/rilj/0101/ri010102. htm. Copeland, L. (2009, July 6). States seek tests for older drivers. . 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