Tuesday, April 23, 2019

My Synthetic Journey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

My Synthetic Journey - Essay ExampleI say over again The streets are invariably wet, my ashes can hardly fly and make a nuisance of my dark overcoating. But it is a matter of no importance, I decided then and there. The wet floor becomes puddles at places, and I try to skip them by and nibble at the tho question that nags my mind Am I really regular I try to dally with the answer for bedtime soporific musings. Then I think, If I must go photographic plate now, there will be so much to do with the rest of the day. For instance, I will have to avoid being alone amidst the whole of the neighborhood, praying before dinner, retentivity hands across fences or already making love in their kitchen. In the street, I only need to fear the rain and the sky that is chequered with the fate of the stars. It is never regular and yet always the forgotten limit. The street is now a little darker every window looks warm and lost in velvety warmth that has withstood the daylights assault. There t hats my home, my house, and my shelter. I will have the darkness to stir from the porch to the bed work I leave a wake of flooded ennui. I am lost within my ingest rhythm of chores. A sensitized journey along the streets to the unique shelter that I call my home is undergone and homeostasis is reached for the day until the day begins again and I start from the same point. I was supposed to know you by name, but I shall call you My synthetic journey.

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