Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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Recent photographs of Iraqi Prisoners Of warfare (POWs) being humiliated and abused by United States armed forces have caused uproar and disgust throughout the human race. The repair purpose of any war is to win either through destroying the enemy, or the achieving a specific goal. Why then should coalition forces be held to a higher standard in regard to treatment of POWs than the rest of the world? To fully explore this question we must understand the history of POWs, and the habit that the United States plays in world affairs.During the 1991 Gulf War, pictures of American pilots beaten and discharge were shown to the world. Civilized nations were outraged. As Major Rhonda Cornum told of being molested, Colonel Jeff Tice told of being electrocuted, and other American and British pilots read scripted statements on television (PBS), civilized nations were appalled. throughout the years, prisoners have been interrogated and mistreated by their captors. Vietnamese soldiers housed prisoners in substandard nurture or even pits throughout their country. The most famous POW multitude was known as the Hanoi Hilton. Here, POWs where beaten, tortured and humiliated for years. Brainwashing techniques were hone by North Korea during The Korean Conflict. humankind War I POWs were obligate into labor camps or systematically murdered through death edge where guards would force prisoners to march until they died from exhaustion in an effort to reduce the anatomy of prisoners in the camps. World War II POWs were killed, or used for health check experiments. The United Sates Department of Defense recognizes table below outlines the prominent emblem of torture administered during each of the official US Wars (DoD, 47). After the wars ended, and it was discovered simply how badly the POWs were treated, civilized nations convinced themselves that torture and abuse were the acts of uncivilized nations rule by madmen. Principal Wars in which the US ParticipatedOffici al War suffering techniqueRevolutionary WarMurder, destruction of propertyWar of 1812Rape, theft, incendiarismIndian WarsScalping, murder, rapeMexican WarMurderCivil WarHanging, destruction of propertySpanish-American Warproviding only saltwater to drink-causing dehydration and hallucinationsWorld War ISleep going, murderWorld War II(sexual) enslavement, medical experiments, death marchesKorean Warre-education, Bataan Death March, somatogenic tortureVietnam Warcutting off various body separate to get other prisoners to talk, Sleep deprivation, bamboo under fingernailsGulf War-1991Electrocution, humiliation, beatings, Sleep deprivationGulf War-2003Religious and sexual abuse, humiliation, beatings, sleep deprivationThe United States has, from the onrush of the Civil war, led the moral and ethical charge for proper charge and treatment of prisoners of War.

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